Sit back and settle into our website. This is an introduction to where we want to take you, and a site overview.
To give you an idea of who we are we have included a Section on
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who are we ?

We are a Not For Profit Association based In Alice Springs in N.T. Australia.

We have no Political ambitions, and are not members of any ‘cause’.

We do, however promote the proven fact that…

‘When Animals matter, our Mental Health’s better’

Which leads to….

😃 A Healthier and Happier You, and

😃 A Healthier and Happier Animal.

Our Focus

We are Currently Focussed on four Main Areas:

Benefits for us
Benefits for our Mental Health

Animals are our Pals. They are at our side through life, and can help restore self-esteem and identity.

Human-Animal Bonds
Kangaroos on the beach

Animals can relieve:

🧬 Anxiety,
🧬 Stress, and
🧬 Depression. 


We have been honoured to be able to share our Professional Experiences, and teachings. 

Animal AWE
Animal Awe

We are in awe of ‘the wonder’ of many spectacular animals, so we have started a new Section called "The WOW  Factor ðŸ˜®".

Our Logo

The Outback Rock
People need Animals
Animals need People
The Animals,

Our Logo includes a small group of diverse animals.
Animals are the Key, they are the object of all those good feelings that improve our Mental Health.

The People,

We included two loving representatives from the Human Race, showing affection towards the Animals. They are thinking how much the Animals Matter to them.

Uluru, and,

We thought that we would include some idea of our location, so we chose Uluru as a place that would be easily recognised.

The Words.

Furmentality derived it’s full name from ‘Fur’ (Animals) and ‘Mentality’ (A way of thinking). Our Logo ‘When Animals matter, our Mental Health’s better’ is pretty straight-forward.

Our Shop

🐺 eCatalogue

We are a Not-Fur-Profit Organisation.
100% of all donations and sales are dedicated to:
Improving Mental and Physical Health in Animals and People.

Furmentality Logo

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The Heartwarming story of Lana Banana, the smallest and skinniest of her many brothers and sisters, and of her friends, the pet protectors.

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Lana Banana and Josie’s adventures continue with the little dog having to embark on a secret journey to reunite with Josie and in the process making people appreciate the important role animals can play in helping people get well.


Each Badge is imprinted with a professional cameo of Lana Banana, our Fearless Mascot, then coated with a protective waterproof layer that will minimise Wear-And-Tear.

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Kids T-Shirts

High Quality Cotton Featuring Lana-Banana, and our Slogan.

Young Men

Men’s and Women’s T-Shirts

High Quality Cotton Featuring Our Logo, and Slogan.

Adult Shirts for sale online.
The Outback Rock is not for sale online.

Lana-Banana, our Mascot.